Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doctor Who Addiction

Hello, My name is Melvin Rivera. (HI MELVIN) and I just want to admit...I'm an addict....A Doctor Who addict!!  Ive been hearing a lot of things about the new Doctor Who series, so I figured Id give it another shot. 


For those who don't know, the series follows the adventures(sometimes misadventures) of an immortal Time Lord , known simply as the Doctor and his female companion across the galaxy and time. Armed only with his supreme intelligence and a sonic screwdriver, he explores the universe along with his companion in his time traveling spaceship, the TARDIS(That looks like a police call box from the outside).  Together they help civilizations, people, and right all kinds of wrong yo. Whether they be in 1889 Scotland, depths of an asteroid orbiting a black hole, or NEW NEW YORK in the 51st century.

Sonic Screwdriver!!

Billie Pipper as Rose Tyler
The newer series was revived by Russel T. Davies for BBC in 2005.  It wasn't a reboot of the long lived series, it was just sort of modernized for a new young audience. It was a way of revitalizing the series for first timers, but still maintaining the history of the show (which was on air since the 60s.)  I decided to try the first series when the Scifi channel aired it on US TV, but for some reason I just couldnt get into it.  Wasn't a fan of Eccleston as the new Doctor, but I did love Billie Pipper as Rose Tyler, the new companion for the Doctor.

I gave it a few episodes and moved on. I guess I should have given it some more time, at least for the rest of the season.

So when I decided to give a the series another go after so long, I decided to jump into season 2.  I was told by one of the biggest Dr. Who fans online, @undeux, to start from the Christmas Invasion episode. The Christmas special bridged series one and two, which introduced the new Doctor, David Tennant.

From there I was hooked. The characters are likeable (Tennant as the Doctor is absolutely fabulous!!), the villains are scary, and dialogue is quick and witty. The stories for each episode are so unique as well! Im having a blast watching it, much like i did watching Buffy and Angel in the Whedonverse. I'm currently on Season 3 and falling in love with the Doctor's new companion, Martha Jones. 

Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones

The Doctor and Martha
Since, ive checked out this series, Ive also started watching Torchwood.  Torchwood is a spin off of the new Doctor Who series created by Russell T. Davies.  Its about a secret organization in England named Torchwood, whose purpose is to defend the empire from Alien invasion. The series is set in the Who universe, but it has its own voice. I just started season 1, and enjoying it thus far as well.

Torchwood Crew

So, if you are looking for a new series to get into, please check out Doctor Who! You wont be disappointed...and if you are disappointed, you are lame and no longer my friend! Joking of course...Kind of. 0_o.


Thee Phoenix Pharaoh said...

I must say both series do sound very interesting. I think for me the first part is the hardest when getting into a series, that is actually WATCHING it and giving it a chance. You know me though. It's always been like that.

I do want to give you props for breaking down what the show is about in a nutshell for newbies to it like me. You have already sold it to me well enough for me to take a look and see if I can get into it. With that serious lack of good programming anymore it sure as hell wouldn't hurt.

I might even become a representative and Dr. Whoville. Get it? LOL. No? Well if not I got two words for ya!

Mike said...

Ahem, don't let Welsh people hear you saying Torchwood is set in "England" XD.

(even though it's just a big county really)